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Join The Club and become a member of our Taste Taskforce! Help us try out new flavors and get some awesome perks, like FREE Pagels and FREE Shipping on select quantities. 

The Club Perks Include: 

  • FREE Pagels to taste-test and share
  • FREE Shipping on select quantities 
  • Extra goodies along the way!

Order 4-5 Bags and receive 2 FREE Pagels in every shipment! 
Order 6-8 Bags and receive 3 FREE Pagels in every shipment + FREE SHIPPING! 
Order 9 or more Bags and receive 5 FREE Pagels in every shipment + FREE SHIPPING!

Select the number of bags and delivery frequency below. Each bag contains 4 Pagels. You will select your Pagels on the following page!

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