The club

How it Works

Join The Club and become a member of our Taste Taskforce! Help us try out new flavors and get some awesome perks, like FREE Pagels or Muffins and FREE Shipping on select quantities. 

The Club Perks Include: 

  • FREE Pagel or Muffins to taste-test and share
  • FREE Shipping on select quantities 
  • Extra goodies along the way!

Order 4-5 Bags and receive 2 FREE Pagels/Muffins in every shipment! 
Order 6-8 Bags and receive 3 FREE Pagels/Muffins in every shipment + FREE SHIPPING! 
Order 9 or more Bags and receive 5 FREE Pagels/Muffins in every shipment + FREE SHIPPING!

Select the number of bags and delivery frequency, then continue with "Customize My Box" to choose which product type and flavor you want. Each bag contains 4 items (Pagels or Muffins depending on which you choose).

If you select a quantity that comes with free items, you will receive individuals of the product type/flavor that is already in your subscription (e.g. if you order Muffins in your subscription you will receive free Muffins, if you select Pagels in your subscription you will receive free Pagels)

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