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The Bedrock Story:   
Once upon a Pagel…. It all began with our founder, Steve Friedman and his family, searching for the perfect breakfast delight – a gluten-free bagel that enriched their Paleo and grain-free lifestyle. After searching high and low with no success, the Friedmans decided there was only one culinary solution – to make their own amazing bagel to satisfy both their tastes and dietary requirements. So, after countless home kitchen blunders and bloopers (and a lot of laughter), Bedrock Bakers was born! The first shining star to emerge was our Pagel – a gluten-free, Vegan, Kosher, Paleo bagel made with minimal, simple ingredients so there’s never a question about what’s in your Pagel! We’ll admit it may have all started with the Pagel – but now we offer a delicious (and nutritious) line-up of yummies that keep our customers coming back for more. We can’t wait for you to become a Bedrock believer too! 

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